Both the Nittany Lion Shrine and Mount Nittany appear in this icon. Combined, it connotes strength, dignity, tradition, natural history, and location. A nod to two of Penn State’s most loved and identifiable images. Embraces the Penn Stater’s relationship with both the University and surrounding area. This particular icon separates itself from others used at Penn State through it’s geometric/assymetric approach, as well as the combined imagery. It is stylized, clean, and modern. It complements The Penn Stater’s architecture.

“According to the Penn State folklore, Nit-A-Nee is also the name of an Indian maiden whose actions caused Mount Nittany to be formed. The original inhabitants of the area used Nit-A-Nee to describe the mountain, and it likely became commonly known as Nittany by the first Europeans to settle the area in the 18th century.” –The Legends of the Nittany Valley
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